Many of the symptoms are general and may relate to a non-cancerous kidney or urinary tract problems.

Most kidney cancer does not cause pain until the advanced stages. Many people with kidney cancer are not aware they have a tumour until they have a test for another health problem.

Always talk to your doctor if you are experiencing any of these signs or symptoms:

  • blood in the urine – called haematuria
  • changes in urine colour to dark, rusty or brown
  • lower back pain which is not linked with an injury
  • abdominal pain (belly area)
  • a mass or lump in the belly or abdominal area
  • constant tiredness
  • rapid, unplanned weight loss
  • fever which is not linked with any other conditions
  • swelling of abdomen, outer body parts, e.g. ankles, legs and wrists and/or a testicle
  • anaemia – low red blood cell count

Kidney Cancer Support Service – 1800 454 363or email if you have questions about kidney cancer

You may wish to refer to and download our summary Kidney Cancer Fact Sheet or other Kidney Health Education Resources

Updated 24 October 2014