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1800 454 363

Free national phone service for people living with and/or affected by kidney cancer

We can help you with answers to your questions on kidney cancer. You may email: with your personal questions. Be sure to include your personal contact information so we can contact you to follow up. You may wish to first refer to and download our summary Kidney Cancer Fact Sheet or other Kidney Health Education Resources

Working to improve the care and support of those affected by kidney cancer.

Kidney Cancer and Health Resources
You may wish to refer to and download our summary Kidney Cancer Fact Sheet or other Kidney Health Education Resources.  

Kidney Cancer Support Groups
If you are interested in joining a Kidney Cancer Support Group online or in your local State, contact our Program Manager or simply call 1800 454 363!


Register to post in Kidney Cancer Connect
This forum offers you an opportunity to share your stories, ask questions, share practical information and most of all, support each other. Registered members may post in this forum (provide only first and last name with email address). Others walking a similar journey will be able to read the posts listed and be inspired to register and post their own stories. This Forum is moderated by qualified health and medical staff. Kidney Cancer Connect is not intended to provide medical advice or information, but is an opportunity for those affected by kidney cancer to discuss treatment options, coping mechanisms, frustration and success.

Social Netiquette Guidelines
When interacting in a Kidney Health Australia social networking area you agree to accept and comply with our Social Netiquette Guidelines. Your continued use constitutes your agreement to any future modified versions. We recommend that you follow these guidelines to ensure a safe experience online. See Kidney Health Australia’s Privacy Policy defining the confidential management of your information at

Exciting things to come
Our Kidney Cancer website is always being updated to reflect evidence based health education information, to offer you more resources for your information and reference.

Updated 12 December 2013